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Information Technology

Smart Hotel Management operates powerful, reliable and secure technology. Both hardware and software solutions utilized are proven leaders in the hospitality industry. Our skilled team of hotel information technology professionals is armed with an endearing loyalty resulting in hard work, attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.

IT Specific services include:

  • Improve guest satisfaction scores by blending large amounts of internet bandwidth utilizing highly cost effective methods.
  • Sales Force Automation tools are utilized to maximize the productivity of the sales team and to increase revenues.
  • Individual IT needs at the property level are assessed.
  • Control and lower payroll expense by installing centralized Time and Attendance - coordinate implementation, training and maintenance of the time clocks into a centralized database providing excellent reporting options.
  • In-house payroll/benefits processing.
  • Wide area network and intranet give each manager real-time access to the same tools as their support teams allowing managers to be proactive in their decision making.
  • Employee productivity is enhanced and the internal network is protected by sophisticated monitoring systems. This blocks unwanted internet behavior and filters and prioritizes work activities on the network. (For instance, a sales employee utilizing a sales force automation tool will be given significant priority over an associate viewing a general web site).
  • Provide guidance with respect to the telecommunications for all standard telephone service, high speed internet, call accounting, voicemail and PBX switches at each property.

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