Smart Hotel Academy presents!

Do you want your staff to be more professional?

Do you want your staff to be more productive in sales and management?

Want to stand out in the local and international arena?

Then this wonderful opportunity is for you. Join a universal training program in the hospitality business with your employees.

The program is conducted in 3 directions:

Front Office-Reception

  1. Personal appearance and hygiene instruction
  2. Welcome and meeting with the guest
  3. Procedure of check-in, check-out of guests
  4. Luggage instruction
  5. Guest awakening service instruction
  6. Effective communication with the guest
  7. Guest complaints
  8. Getting in touch with first-time visitors
  9. Walk in Guest Procedure
  10. Complaints of check-out guests
  11. Group Check in
  12. Leadership
  13. Telephone conversation and behavior instruction
  14. Black List instruction
  15. Meeting with agencies and companies


F&B (restaurant department)

  1. Hygiene and clothing
  2. Safety regulations
  3. Welcome, accommodation and departure
  4. Menu and presentation
  5. Table service rules
  6. Team work
  7. Reception and preparation of banquets
  8. Relations with other departments
  9. Mini bar
  10. Customer service
  11. Room-service rules
  12. Wine service
  13. Customer order management
  14. Standards of cleanliness and layout of bars and dishes


Housekeeping (cleaning and household department)

  1. Floor supervisor (team leader) and its responsibilities
  2. Duties of floor worker
  3. Communication between internal divisions of the Department
  4. Relations of household and cleaning Department with Security department
  5. General cleaning standards and regulations
  6. The procedure for cleaning guest rooms
  7. The procedure for preparing a VIP room (
  8. Rules of communication and conduct with guests
  9. Listening to guest complaints and conduct rules
  10. Office cleaning time and rules
  11. The procedure for separation and washing of dirty laundry
  12. Floor storage


For more information and registration:

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Training Department;
Jeyhun Ashirov (Ceo of Smart Hotel Management&Consulting, Skal International Baku President)
+994503386873 (Call+Whatsapp)
Rashad Atashov (Head of Training Center)
+ 994553010589 (Call + Whatsapp)
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